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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 28, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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. right now on today in the bay, a man hunt for a child killer. a quiet community is on edge this morning after a young girl is stabbed to death inside her own home. the latest on the search for the killer coming up. plus, jobs, cash, crime, all possibilities of sports betting comes to california and this morning some powerful people are betting it will. and -- >> if you need help, blow. >> what some people are doing to fight crime in san francisco's kasper district. ♪ ♪ from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. looking live at a pretty picture of the transamerica building in san francisco. blue sky overhead and some fog
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and low clouds squished in the distance. what does it all mean? with rob mayeda, i'm kris sanchez. you say warm this afternoon -- >> we're seeing sun in san francisco right now which is changed from 24 hours ago and we had the fog linger for most of the day and now we'll see low clouds break up, but it is a cold start in the morning in santa rosa and nevada and a little thick this morning in the north bay and low elsewhere and sea breeze still the main factor for now, but by the afternoon, northwest winds, and take a look at the futurecast here and as dryer air mixes in which means even the coastline will get more sunshine and our temperatures by lunchtime, 60s, 70s and low 80s. by 3:00 and 4:00, we're approaching 90. san jose, low 80s and san francisco to oakland, if you think those temperatus are warm you have not taken a look
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at our seven-day forecast. >> we'll look at that forecast for you coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, rob. we'll see you in a few minutes. we begin with a developing story out of the central valley where the man hunt is intensifying for the suspect who deputies say stabbed a 9-year-old girl to death in her own home. the search is on in the valley in the valley springs east of stockton. that's where the girl's 12-year-old brother saw the man inside their home and when he was spotted the man took off on foot in the neighborhood. the boy went to check on his sister and the girl was stabbed. though she was rushed to the hospital, she died of her injuries. people in the area were asked to stay in their homes and sheriff's deputies spent the night going door to door in sheds and storage units looking for that suspect. >> we are doing a house-to-house search and in some cases we are searching, you know, extensively in the attics and storage sheds. it is a difficult area to
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search. it's real remote. the grass is tall right now, so we are continuing that. >> right now police say they don't have much of a description to go off of, but they say that the killer is described as about 6 feet tall, muscular and last seen wearing a dark, long-sleeve shirt and blue pants. police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. >> a follow up to a story we first brought you yesterday morning. pittsburgh police releasing a sketch of a man they say tried to kidnap a 2-year-old girl from her own front yard. take a look. police say he is a white male with dirty blond hair about 5'9" and 160 pounds likely in his 30s. they say he is not related to the little girl and is not known in her neighborhood. the toddler was playing with her mother in the front yard of her home on snow make way friday afternoon when the mother says the man walked up, grabbed the girl and reportedly took off on foot and the mother started screaming and the man dropped
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the toddler in a nearby bush and ran away. police say the girl was scared, but not physically hurt. >> juan valencia arrested in mountain view around 5:00 last night. this is the man who escaped from a patrol car in redwood city thursday night after he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. he is now being held on $135,000 bail. in an effort to cut down on crime in san francisco some community groups joined forces in the castro district this weekend to hand out safety packets and whistle. >> for your key chain, a safety whistle and it has safety information on it. keep it with you at all times and if you need help, blow! >> the sisters of perpetual indulgence and castro community on patrol want everyone to be each other's eyes and ears. this is not a new program, it's worked in the past. because it's worked in the past
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they make their rounds with the safety packets. he is a gay rights activist who was an intern for late supervisor harvey milk and he was attacked many years ago and was saved by his whistle. >> it sounds like such a simple thing, but it works. i myself back in the day experienced being attacked and blowing my whistle and having people respond, so just the startling, piercing noise of it often is enough to drive the people away, but it is also a way to summon help, get assistance there and get witnesses there. >> jones says he has noticed an uptick in crime recently and it is less targeted and more opportunistic which is why the perpetual sisters of indulgence says it is important to keep people talking about safety. around the bay area and across the country people turned in unwanted prescription drugs this weekend. most police departments around the bay area including this one in santa clara offered free and anonymous service sponsored by
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the drug enforcement administration. the de aholds this event twice a year so all men don't end up being abused or dumped. >> i don't want to throw any of the drugs into the environment and you hear about the problems that it causes when people dump prescription drugs and we've been accumulating over the last couple of years, and i missed it last year and i wanted to make sure he made it this year. >> disposing of unused medicines by flushing them down the toilet poses health hazards as well. >> a 12-year-old girl spent her saturday raising money for a mother and daughter who was injured when a car smashed into their house last week. the girl set up a lemonade stand right outside the house where the crash happened. this xhooen community near lee high school set up an online donations page for that family. >> i just felt so bad so i told my mom i rather spend my
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birthday money to help this little girl and her family. >> knowing how all of it was and it could have been any of us. you can't not do something. >> on thursday the car slammed through the wall of the home and into the living room critically injuring a 40-year-old mother in her home. her 9-year-old daughter was also injured along with three passengers in the car. police say two cars were racing down the street when one of them lost control. police arrested two 17-year-old boys for driving recklessly and causing that crash. still ahead on "today in the bay," it is a controversial sue, srts betting. it could become legal in california sooner than you think, but you may be surprised at who is actually against that proposed legislation.
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good morning, folks. looking live at the clock tower there on the fairmount building in san jose. it is eight or nine minutes
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after 7:00. most of the bay area's sports teams are red hot right now, but if you want to bet on the hot streaks continuing you'd have to go to vegas or reno at the closest location and that could change, though, with one bill in sacramento. a lawmaker is confident that it didn't get anywhere last time around and it will pass this time. just as confident, the folks who think the whole matter will end up before the supreme court. here's "today in the bay's stephanie trung. march madness. world series and of course, the super bowl. >> just go and place your bet. >> but heckor lozano says he and his friends have to drive to nevada to place those bets. >> a lot of people from the bay area go to vegas, reno, tahoe every weekend. >> californians are spending an excess of $1 billion in nevada on sports betting alone and that's according to roderick wright of southern california. he's authored a bill that would legalize it in california,
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exclude betting on california ports and limit the activity to places that will already allow gambling from racetracks to card rooms. >> including san jose's casino matrix. california would take 7.5% of the cut. >> with $70 million we could restore state's free child care to poor women in california. i mean, it's not chicken feed is all i'm saying. >> according to the national gambling study commission report of 1999, nevada took a $2.3 billion in sports bet, but the same betting done illegally headed to $380 billion. the biggest opponent, the major sports lead from the nba to the nfl. they said legalizing sports betting nationwide would encourage game fixing. >> publicly they're against it, but secretly they like it because they're game. people are hyping it up like the
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super bowl. >> lozano says it's about the bottom line. he's tired of hearing about service cuts namely to police and says the money being spent legally and illegally, why not capitalize? >> people are going do what they want to do. they should wake up and try to give, you know, so our city can move to get the money. >> that was stephanie trung reporting. they made it illegal in 1992, and that was nevada, delaware, montana and oregon. if california passes the bill it will only go into effect if the federal law also changes. >> still ahead, a wounded warrior welcomed home with a new home. the emotional homecoming for a soldier returning from afghanistan. >> and we're off to a mostly sunny start in parts of the bay area, but still some low-level clouds and fog and others around the south bay. we'll see warmer temperatures here to round out the weekend and we'll have a full look at your forecast coming right up.
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>> we are looking live at a beautiful start to the day in san francisco. you see the flag waving just a little bit in the distance, the clouds and the fog should go away and sunshine all around. the taliban announced plans to launch a new spring offensive in afghanistan starting today. in an interview with the associated press, the taliban spokesman said the group is planning suicide attacks on foreign military bases and diplomatic areas as well as more insider attacks on u.s. and coalition forces. that launch is timed to coincide of a national holiday marking the overthrow of a soviet-backed government in 1992. nato forces plan to hand over the security role to afghan soldiers in the next couple of months. april has been the deadliest month of the year for u.s. forces in afghanistan. a soldier wounded in afghanistan almost two years ago is about to make his new home in
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hollister thanks to the support of the community and a non-profit organization. reporter margo dunphy from our nbc station in los angeles was there this week in celebration in honor of sergeant brian jenkins. >> reporter: sirens and applause to welcome a hero returning from war. [ cheering ] >> severely wounded in afghanistan, sergeant jergens arrived to a crowd in hollister yesterday. ♪ >> city residents and a former "american idol" contestant were there to honor his service and break ground on the site of his new home. a gift from the organization homes for our troops. >> we're really excited to be able to raise our family here and -- i mean, it's an amazing organization. so we're super thrilled. >> gone on his first deployment to afghanistan when an ied blew up the humvee he was driving.
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he lost both legs below the knees and suffered traumatic brain injuries. he can fully recover in his custom built residence. >> if that doesn't show the love of the country for the soldiers, i don't know what can. >> reporter: it will be built on this lot and it will be specially adapted and modified to help with brian's new physical challenges. >> the home is designed to be all one level and has low tops and huge shower in the bathroom so he could have his freedom and independence back in his home. >> homes for our troops has built 129 similar homes around the country so far, but they say with more than 1500 vets there's still plenty to be done. >> they're fighting in afghanistan and coming home every day injured and this is something that we want to continue on. this is the beginning of new civilian life and in some ways a new mission for them both. >> hopefully people will pay it forward. i know we will, so i just want
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to make sure everybody knows this, there are other injured veterans out there that need >> thank you. i don't know what to say. they're going to build me a home. it's nice, you know? >> margo dunphy. nbc news. >> thousands of people flooded the streets of petta luma to celebrate the butter and eggs day parade and festival. this year's parade honored those ledgents of petta luma past and present including the little league team. they joined our very own janelle wang on the nbc float. best spot in town. emotions heightened as sthouzs of runners head to the big sur international marathon. this marathon shares a special connection with boston. 0 runners in year are taking part in what they call the boston to big sur challenge. it's a program that for the past three years has given recognition to athletes who compete in both the boston marathon and the big sur marathon which are typically
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just 13 days apart. today's runners will honor the victims of the boston bombings with a moment of silence before the race. part of highway went from big sur to carmel will be closed for most of the day. now rob mayeda has a look at the weekend forecast and it maybe will be warm for that run, don't you think? >> towards the afternoon we'll see temperatures warming up and we still have low clouds and fog on the coast and you can see some of that from the san bruno mountain camera and areas not nearly as thick as yesterday and we'll get an earlier clearing which will set the stage for a warmer afternoon. right now near 50 in san francisco, sant rosa and nevada running cooler than 24 hours ago. we're seeing locally dense fog from santa rosa and down around gill roadway. temperatures warmer and still a sea breeze out there for now, but it will be winds picking up out of the northwest which will help to clear out our skies. right now we're seeing
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visibility down to a quarter mile in gill roadway and that continues to improve as the skiesonnu to clear. high pressure is the main story with our weather here and not just today, but for the next few days and warming ahead as the system drops by the east of us and it will give us a taste of northwest winds which will dry out around the bay area and that is staying way off to the north and it may help bring relief to the pollen that might help to fly around the bay area. ? still have areas of low clouds and by lunchtime skies clear even out to the coast and here's the interesting thing and heading into this evening into monday morning also notice that we're not seeing low clouds. the coolant to the ocean air conditioning and all of the low clouds and fog going away so monday we'll see even warm temperatures that you're looking at today. closer to 90 down toward areas south of morgan hill. 80 in santa cruz. 80s and possibly low 90s for
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this afternoon. pleasanton and livermore, close to 90 degrees and close to 70 in san francisco, low to mid 80s around the north bay because the temperatures continue to go up and we'll have to watch out for gusty, hills, the second half of the week we're going to warm up on the coast and mid-70s on the sea so and maybe cooling later in the week because the sea breeze tries to come back, but those seven days is summer weather. >> i went ahead and stocked up on sunscreen a couple of days ago. knew it was coming. >> thanks, rob. changing the community by changing the environment. >> i don't have a problem speak for it. somebody's got to do it. >> what one woman is doing in the east bay to transform the
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view and the people.
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today is the last day of earth week and green is universal here at nbc and while our celebration at nbc is for one week, there are many in the bay area for whom saving the earth is a year-long endeavor. in pack, one oakland woman has been at it for 15 years, changing the city one day at a time. garvin thomas has her story that will make you very proud. >> reporter: simple and easy don't always mean the same thing. planting a tree, for example, is a simple act, but on this day, in this soil, there is nothing easy about it. >> yeah. this soil is tough. this is going to be a tough one. >> no one has a better grasp of that than kenya shakur.
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no one rivals kimba. >> first tree in the ground. >> certainly not empassioned. >> i don't have a problem speaking for the trees. somebody's got to do it. >> kemba came to her calling from an unlikely place. soledad prison. kemba was a prison guard for years seeing day in and day out what some might call the worst of society. kemba, however, saw them as those whom society had failed. >> if we just invest more in our young people through education, through jobs, employment, i think we can do wonders to invest in lives. after leaving soledad kemba moved through oakland determined to do something about it. although unsure how, at first, the answer soon became very clear. as clear as the sky above her
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uninterrupted by trees. >> the block that i lived on had no trees. no tree canopy. it already mack makes you feel. >> so kemba started urban relief and 15 years later there are now 15,000 more trees in the city of oakland than before. trees shading the sun, housing the birds, cleaning the air and more importantly for kemba providing work and volunteer opportunities for the young men of oak lann. >> after they plant those four trees have them come over here. >> but to say kemba is not done yet is an understatement. kemba has her sights set on 1 million trees planted in oakland. not an easy tank, for sure, but one kemba says simply must be done. >> just planting those trees will give that immediate impact. it makes you feel really good. >> that does make a big difference and that was garvin thomas reporting.
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hundreds of comcast and nbc universal employees and our families rolled up our sleeves this weekend to participate in comcast cares day. we saw volunteers of all ages work to spruce up east san jose. in just four hours our colleagues and families finished 14 projects in all. among those lending a helping hand was raj mathai and the girls and i did weeding in one of the gardens. still ahead on "today in the bay," new details in the investigation into the boston bombing attacks and why a recorded phone call between one of the suspects and his mother is raising new questions about what russian authorities knew about tamerlan tsarnaev before the attacks.
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we are looking live at the san jose repper tore theater. on the right hand side of the screen is the time and the temperature. it said 50 degrees just a minute ago and let's check in with rob mayeda to check if that is accurate. >> job security. >> yes. >> well, we'll show you what's going on around the entire bay area. >> it's 53 according to our maps and san jose right now. 50 in san francisco, but look at santa rosa and nevada, very interesting temperatures and low 40s. you'll be adding 40 degrees by the afternoon and so you need a winter coat now ask t-shirt and tank top by the afternoon today. we have light winds and sea breeze starting to back off. i want to show you pacifica to half moon bay, warmest spot drive down highway 17 to santa cruz as we head toward the afternoon. that's still comfortable compared to the near 90s we'll see in liver more and near 70 in
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san francisco and one of the cooler days that we'll see ahead and we'll show you the warm-up coming in the seven-day forecast. >> i was talking to christopher who was going to santa cruz so he's back today. >> all right. thank you very much. new this morning, rescuers in bangladesh saved nine more people from the rubble of a collapsed factory building today. heavy equipment is now on the way which will allow those rescuers to drill a hole from the top of the rubble to look for more survivors and victims down below. the eight-story building which housed a garment factory collapsed last wednesday killing more than 360 people and unfortunately that number is expected to go up because there are so many other people expected missing in the hundreds. two factory bosses and engineers appeared in court. they were arrested for allegedly ignoring the warning to shut down the building because of
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cracks found in the walls the day before it collapsed. >> two police officers are recovering this morning after they were shot outside the italian prime minister's office in central rome today. the shooting happened near the president's palace where the new government was being sworn in. the shooting did not affect the ceremony, but we can tell you that one of the officers was reportedly shot in the neck and is in serious condition this morning. police do say that there is a suspect in custody. >> and new details this morning in the boston marathon attacks. we are learning that russian authorities secretly recorded a phone call between tamerlan tsarnaev and his mother in 2011. during the call the two reportedly discussed jihad. that information was not shared with american authority it is until now. in a second call officials say the mother was recorded talking to someone in southern russia who is now under investigation in an unrelated case. >> meantime, there is a special tribute to the youngest victim killed in the bombing attack two
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weeks ago. martin richards' little league team honored him on opening day and they painted his name and hung his jers owe the fence. martin was just 8 years old. >> the boston marathon bombing turned the light hearted white house correspondent' dinner more serious to start last night. president obama addressed both the attacks in boston and the explosion of a fertilizer plant that nearly wiped out the town of west texas. we've had some difficult days, but even when the day seemed darkest, we have seen humanity shine at its brightest. >> the president saluted the first responders and the national guard as well as the people of of both of those cities, but then later there were plenty of jokes as well. many coming from the president himself. >> i recognize that this job can take a toll on you. i understand second term, you need a burst of new energy,
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tried some new things and then my team and i talked about it and we were willing to try anything so we borrowed one of michelle's tricks. [ laughter ] >> i thought this looked pretty good, but no bounce. >> late-night talk show host conan o'brien headlined that event. >> and now to that developing story out of the central valley we told you about earlier where the man hunt is intensifying this morning for the man who deputies say stabbed the 9-year-old girl to death in her own home. >> this is happening in the town of valley springs east of stockton. authorities say the girl's 12-year-old brother saw the man inside their home and when he was spotted the man took off on foot through the neighborhood. the boy then went to check on his sister and found she had been stabbed. the girl was rushed to the hospital where she died. people living in the area were told to stay inside their homes and lock their doors while the
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sheriff's deputies spent the night going door-to-door looking for that suspect. >> we are doing a thousand house-search and in some cases we are searching, you know, extensively in the attics and storage sheds. it is a difficult area to search. it's real remote. the grass is tall right now. so we are continuing that. >> right now police say they don't have much of a description to go off of. the killer, though, described as 6 feet tall, muscular and last seen wearing a dark, long-sleeve shirt and blue pants. police say he is considered armed and dangerous. >> a follow-up to a story we brought you yesterday morning. pittsburgh police released a sketch of a man who tried to kidnap a 2-year-old girl from her front yard. this man is believed to be in his 30s with dirty blond hair, 59 police say he has no relation to the girl and is not known to the girl.
7:36 am
she was playing in the front yard of her home when that man walked up, grabbed the 2-year-old and reportedly took off on foot. the woman started yelling and the man dropped the toddler in a nearby bush and ran away. the girl was scared, but not physically hurt. >> some community groups handed out whistles and safety packets. >> for your key chain, safety packet and it has safety information on it. make sure you keep it with you at all times and if you need help, blow. >> the sisters of perpetual indulgence on patrol group want everyone in the castro district to be each other's eyes and ears. this isn't a new program. they've been handing out whistles with the community making their rounds and it works. he was an intern for the late san francisco supervisor harvey milk and he says his whistle saved his life. >> it sounds like such a simple
7:37 am
thing, but it works. i myself back in the day experienced beg attacked and owing my whistle and having people respond. so just the startling, piercing noise of it often is enough to drive the people away, but it is also a way to summon help and get assistance there and witnesses there. >> jones says he's noticed an uptick in crime and it's less targeted and that is why sisters of perpetual indulgence say it is important to keep talking to people about safety. >> and coming up next on "today in the bay," warriors fever is taking over the bay area. we'll talk about that coming up.
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and looking live at oracle arena in oakland right now. it's all quiet, but that will change in a couple of hours as as fans pack the coliseum
7:40 am
followed by pumped-up warriors fans in the oracle. they are leading the nuggets 2-1 and they look to add to that lead. here's comcast sportsnet henry wolf. >> the music was loud and there was a huge celebration insider beingael arena friday night, but after taking a 2-1 game lead over the nugget, the warriors say this party is far from being over. >> it's 2-1. it's too early to start talking put them away. we have too much respect for them. it's a heck of a team and it's about winning the next one. >> steve curry sat out of saturday's practice to rest his ankle and he had no issue with suiting the ball, but playing defense is a challenge. >> no excuses. if your out there you have to try to get it done the best way you can. they have some athletic guards
7:41 am
and ty had a big game and keeping out the paint. it's got to be big for us. >> there's still the underdog, but right now the warriors look like the top dog. henry wolford, nbc, bay area. >> speaking of the playoffs, the san jose sharks will travel to vancouver this week for round one of the stanley cup playoffs. last night he wrapped up the regular season in l.a. losing to the kings 3-2. the head coach it is he is pleased with the way his team is playing right now. >> from the ice to the diamond, the giants looking to right the ship this afternoon with with ryan vogel on the mound in san diego. last night it was a back and forth battle that went deep into extra innings, but poor defense would cost the giants as the padres win it in the bottom of the 12th, 8-7. the loss is the giants' fourth straight loss. >> things are not any better for
7:42 am
the as and they lost their third straight to the orioles in oakland 7-3. maybe some redemption, 105. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," backlash over governor jerry brown's education reform. larry gerston joins us next to tell us why governor brown's own party is speaking out. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show.
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>> california governor jerry brown is facing rebellion from his own party to reform k through 12 public education spending. for more on this unexpected development let's talk with nbc bay area political analyst larry gueston. what's your issue here? normally you go forward when you have the pubpublic's support. >> the issue is money and lots of it. the question is where are we going to go with this money because we're not talking about $49 billion, kris.
7:45 am
$49 billion that goes for k through 12 education in california. far more than any other policy area in the state and given the state's poor performance in testing area such as science, math, english. the governor wants to shake things up with the way the state spends that $49 million. >> i don't think you will find anybody that says schools couldn't use more money. however, the governor's plan itself. that's the rub. the way that he wants to reform it is not something that everybody can get onboard with. a little controversial. the governor wants to earmark their 2 billion. at least two, maybe three for schools that have underperforming students or students who don't speak english. the money is going to go beyond the funds that all districts get and the usual aames of per capita, basis stuff that he gets and he believes that if you target these students they will have a better opportunity to make it through the system so that's the goal.
7:46 am
give more money to the poor-performing districts and we'll see better outcomes. >> and that brings around the pushback because people say it's wonderful for those kids that are in the lower-performing districts and what about the kids in the average districts or the high-performing districts? >> legislators and governors own parties say hey, this changes the way the state distributes funds and they say wait a second, it will penalize the districts that go the extra mile to raise funds through partial tax elections and through that extra bit of energy that brings up a lot of districts beyond what they'll be getting from the state. so some are also upset with another angle and some are also upset because hey, when this proposition 30 thing came around, 6 billion plus for the next seven years and all of these new taxes and nobody said anything about using the money that way, and that's leaving some people to say wait a second, isn't this a little bit of false advertising? so the pushback, if you will, is
7:47 am
from republicans, yeah, and suburban democrats who say, hey, you know what? this isn't fair for our schools and you know what? they've got the capacity here to make the governors' life pretty miserable on this issue. >> he seems intent on it and it seems this is part of what he wants his legacy to be so what can we say about a possible outcome? >> he had a press conference when he said don't tread on me on this one and that sounds good. great for tv, but the fact is it may not be reality. the best guess here is that the legislatu legislature, they'll commit to a limited and perhaps very limited version of a proposal thereby keeping traditional funding formulas in place. you know what? the big picture, though is something else. it has to do with the overall amount of money and i know $49 billion seems like a lot, but remember, we're the country's largest state and it simply isn't enough. the facts are the facts. california ranks 47th among the
7:48 am
50 states in per capita spending even with proposition 30. so unless we get our act together and unless california gets serious about raising new revenues, these kinds of fightses will only be exacerbated in the months and years to come basically between the haves and the have notes. >> we can't do it with just the wrapping paper and chocolate sales. we can't take any more. sorry. thank you very much, larry, we will see you next week. >> a large unemployment numbers were a disappointment. so how will the numbers look for the month of april? for more on that and what else is happening in the world of business, here's cnbc's tyler matheson. >> two events that wall stree r streeters will focus and they're not may day or the start of the national hockey league playoffs. first, it's the latest policy meeting on interest rates for the federal reserve rates aren't likely to move from the record low levels just yet, but investors will be listening for the fed's assessment of where the u.s. economy is right now and the fed's outlook for where
7:49 am
it may go next. then there is the april jobs report next week and march's unemployment numbers were a disappointment with 88,000 new hires so exists are hoping to see a lot more new positions during the month of april. with borrowing rates low and drivers looking to drive newer models wall street is expecting auto makers to expect car sales rose as much as 11% in april year over year. most companies have been reporting higher profits, but sales have been lower than expected mostly because of cost-cutting and not because of growth. >> more big earnings reports are due this week from companies like general motors, pfizer, time warner and nbc's parent company, comcast. >> samsung's new galaxy s4 will be shipping this week and it's already a big hit around the world, asia, parts of europe and now it's hoping to take a big bite out of apple's dominance and the iphone 5 dominance in the u.s.
7:50 am
i'm tyler mathson. i hope you get your business news on cnbc. you can get your business and tech news before the bell on "today in the bay." old plastic bottles have new use. we'll show you the latest green trend in swimwear. will it be warm enough though, rob? >> later on in the seven-day forecast. i think our beaches will be climbing well into the 70s and you can see the palace of fine arts in san francisco tells us about one of the changes this morning. warming trend ahead and we'll have a look at the forecast when we come right back. >> good morning. there's lots to do today in the bay. nikkei means japanese-american. and that means we'll be the emcee for this morning's entertainment in san jose's japan town and the main stage is near the corner of fifth and jackson and there will be cultural activities from there all of the way down to the japanese-american museum. organizers say you can eat your
7:51 am
way down the street so i'll be trying and of course, the tae, can o group will be having a special performance. at the sausalito harbor climb aboard the tall ship society. you pay to take part in the blessing of the fleet and those decorated ships will parade past you on their way to san francisco. check out for info. maybe you don't feel like the tall ships then head a little south to lake merced in san francisco. that's where you will catch the lower profile of the dragon boats. the mad paddle is on for the dragon boat regional regatta where today they're competing for the national team trials as well so this is serious stuff. crowded on the water, to be sure and crowded on the roads come your commute. make sure you join me right here for your back to work monday on "today in the bay."
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good morning to you from san jose. sun trying to break through some of the cloud's hazy skies. we will see temperatures eventually climbing into the low 80s, closer to downtown by the afternoon. right now, interesting spread. the temperatures that we're seeing out there this morning, some 40s up toward santa rosa and novato and we'll see them jumping at 40 degrees and patches of low clouds and our temperatures inland running a little bit warmer and certainly for the afternoon they'll be warmer than we saw yesterday. we still have a sea breeze out there pushing the cooler air into fairfield and we'll see northwest winds picking up what would help to clear out the coast in the inner bay. right now visibility improves as the low clouds continue to break up and still some fog as you travel down toward gill roadway in the next hour. high pressure building in and warming temperatures and winds shifting from being a strong sea breeze to a little bit more of a north wind at times as we go through the next few days and
7:55 am
needless to say no signs of any rain and the dry pattern will continue throughout the next seven days and the temperatures will warm up for the second half of the week. today areas of low clouds and this is interesting and notice the coast now starting to clear out not just for the afternoon and the weather models suggesting the northwest winds will keep going overnight which means tomorrow morning and a lot less low clouds may not see fog in san francisco and the coast as our temperatures continue to climb up as we head into the start of the week. highs should be in the high 80s and mid-80s in san jose and we saw highs around the area yesterday. so about a 5 to 10 degree jump in the numbers and as we get down to gill roadway and should see 90-degree temperatures and mid to upper 80s around the trivalley over toward fairfield and near 70 in san francisco and still 60s on the coast for now, but later on in the week we'll see mid-70s as winds turn slightly offshore later in the week. 80s for santa rosa today and
7:56 am
mid-70s in oakland and you will see them climbing up a couple of more degrees since monday and breezy conditions will help the coast to remember what up. you will see the coastal temperatures jumping tuesday, wednesday and thursday. mid-07s and likely low to mid 80s and our low temperatures peeking right around thursday and could see low to mid 90s and the lows backing off for the end of the workweek and the ocean may conditioning will creep back on. seven-days of summerlike temperatures. >> i'll check my fleece, then. >> thanks, rob. >> style isn't the only choice you have to make when choosing a swimsuit these day, right, rob? how about new or recycled material. these suits are made partly out of blastec. a bikini takes about six blastec bottles out of the landfill and board shorts about 15.
7:57 am
>> you basically take plastic bottles thrown out as garbage and they melt the plastic bottles into then what becomes yarn which is then spun and knitted and we print it and the whole deal, but the beauty is taking waste and, you know, making product. >> the t-shirt makers say that the shirts and the polos made out of plastic, those are coming this summer. they look pretty normal to me. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge upwill celebrate thei second anniversary tomorrow. they've been in the public eye in the past few years and since they're expecting their first child this summer we like to look at them. still don't know if it's a boy or a girl. what's your guess? >> i'm going go girl. >> i'm going to go girl, too. >> i think she's been shopping for benchinpink. that's the rumor, anyway. >> i have to read the blogs you read. we'll have more local news for you tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and
7:58 am
11:00 and any time of day at nbc bay have a fantastic day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
this sunday, is syria a game changer for president obama? the security threats mount on his watch. a new chapter in syria's brutal civil war. the administration says the assad regime appears to have used chemical weapons. >> used potential weapons of mass destruction on civilian populations crosses another line with respect to international norms of international law, and that is going to be a game changer. >> if confirmed, what is the president prepared to do? are there any good options? how should the lessons of iraq weigh on the obama team's thinking? with us this morning ranking member of the senate armed services committee, arizona republican john mccain. then the terror debate after boston.


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